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Restoration of 1913 Cadillac Interior and Top by Ernest Hillier

1913 Cadillac Interior and Top

Authentic tops and interiors for all vintage and classic automobiles

Ernest Hillier was born in Newfoundland and immigrated to the United States in 1980. Mr. Hillier received a degree in Interior Design from Russell Sage College in Albany, New York and has operated a successful design business in upstate New York for many years.

However, his interest in horse drawn carriages and vintage automobiles led him to a career in the antique and classic automobile trimming trade. With more than twenty years experience his work is well executed with a clear eye for the color schemes, materials and styles of interiors of various automobile periods.

Whenever possible, period materials or authentic reproductions are used in his interiors while incorporating modern technology. The final outcome is an authentically restored interior that is worthy of praise and would be the pride of any owner of a classic automobile.

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